Are you independent?

Yes. We are an independent French company with 100% of the shares belonging to the managing partners. It is for us the essential condition to provide objective and professional advice for our clients.


It seems that you work only on top end properties?

Yes, it is true that we primarily work on projects above € 1 000 000. But, more accurately, we choose our missions based on the relationship we feel with our clients, the character of the project as well as our capacity to succeed.


What is your difference vs traditional estate agents?

We are a consulting company delivering solutions in front of clients needs through a wide range of state of the art services related to exclusive estate projects. Therefore, the scope of our missions and competences is much wider than conventional selling-only activities. For example, in case of a property search for a client, we give him/her access to all the properties on the market and even more, whereas the estate agent rarely goes beyond his/her own portfolio.


What is your relation to estate agents?

It is a partnership where both parts remain perfectly independent. We only work with customer focused partners who share our values about client satisfaction as the cornerstone of our common development. Estate agents know Luxurious French Properties represents serious clients from all over the world. Therefore, they help us in our searches and often, before advertising, give us advance notice of the best properties entering the market. In case of a sale, they help us promote our customers' properties towards their portfolio of clients.


How do you find the best property for me, outside the «conventional» market?

Some clients want to keep total confidentiality around the sale of their property. Therefore, they talk the project only with people they can trust: Luxurious French Properties directly, their lawyers, private bankers or top end private brokers… Through our network, we currently know more than 50 estates to which we can only give access under serious due diligence.


How long does it take to find the property of my dream?

It depends on your project, of course. However, based on our experience, we already give you some perspective when coming back with our project management proposal. Once the contract is signed, you receive a presentation of the first thorough scan of the market within 4 weeks and then on an ongoing basis. In the meantime, we work on the side aspects of the project so that you have everything in hand to close a deal rapidly in case an opportunity 16 shows up. Generally, the completion of a mission (from the brief to the keys handed over) takes from 3 to 9 months.

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